• Marketing your property to all of the major sites including trulia, hotpads, yougotlistings, and craigslist
  • Taking all of the prospective phone calls and emails from anyone who is interested
  • Pre-screening every prospect to make sure they’re a fit for the apartment.
  • Notifying any current tenants that we are going to show the property
  • Showing your property with exceptional sales skills to all qualified tenants
  • Collecting deposits, applications, references, credit checks, and income verifications for anyone who wants to apply for the apartment
  • Showing you the entire application package and helping you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective tenants.
  • Writing up the leases, lead paint disclosures, rent/security deposit receipts, and apartment condition statements. Mistakes in any of these categories can result in losing thousands of dollars
  • You maintain control of whether or not you’d like to accept the applicant
  • Coordinating with tenants to sign leases, collecting the rest of the deposits before move-in, and handling the keys on the lease start date.


If you own investment property, you know that it can be a real headache to rent your own apartments.  There’s the phone calls, the emails, the showings, the paperwork, the move-ins, etc.  Let us show you how advantageous it is to use a rental broker, and why you’ll never want to deal with it on your own again!  Here are just a few of the tasks that we take care of so you don’t have to:

​Keep in mind that every month of vacancy, you are losing a month’s worth of rent.  We are a full team of agents all working together to rent your apartment as fast as possible.  If we rent your apartment sooner than you could, and avoid any vacancy, then our fee is a complete wash!  Not only that, BUT WE DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU! What’s even better is that there are no up-front fees to working with us.  If we don’t end up successfully getting you a tenant, you don’t owe us a dime! CONTACT US to get started.  Sit back and let us handle everything!