Common Buyer Mistakes‚Äč

  • Not asking the right questions:  As a buyer, you want to know everything about a property before making an offer.  If you don't do the right research, it can result in getting stuck in a transaction that you want out of.  We will make sure you are looking at all the positives and negatives about a house before taking the next step.
  • Overpaying:  Most buyers only compare prices on listings that are currently for sale.  This is not the correct way to determine an offer price.  We will do an analysis on what has actually sold to establish the true market value of any properties you are interested in.
  • Poor Paperwork:  Incorrect paperwork can be the difference in either losing or keeping your earnest money deposit if a transaction goes south.  That deposit is usually 5% of the purchase price so it can be a loss of well over $10,000.  This is devastating to a buyer who has been saving to put that money towards a house.  We make sure that from the initial offer to the closing, your deposit is protected and can't be kept by the seller for liquidated damages.  
  • Picking the wrong lender, attorney, or home inspector:  Having not been through a lot of transactions, you have no idea if the person you are hiring has a good track record.  Picking the wrong professional can severely damage your transaction.  We have a strong list of professionals we can recommend that we have already worked with before, and we know will deliver great results.